East-Midlands location on the map (X1 = Derby ; X2 = Grimsby ; X3 = Nottingham)

East-Midlands location on the map (X1 = Derby ; X2 = Grimsby ; X3 = Nottingham)

Presentation : East-Midlands dialects.

East-Midlands dialects are a compromise between Nothern and Southern most pronounced accents.

Firstly, Nothern East-Midlands dialects indirectly come from Scandinavia and are therefore very close to nothern dialects. It is important to say that this feature has been able to spread and extend its influence.

Secondly, this "Scandinavianized variety" of East-Midland became the basis of modern english and that's why East-Midland is considered as the most important dialect in the whole Midlands area.

Derby (Derbyshire), an East Midlands local dialect.

Derbyshire accent essencially comes from old danish interacting with southerner english.

There are actually a Derbyshire dialect dictionnary online, a BBC website article with some typical expresses and this website's notice which are such complete and very usefull to get familiar with that dialect.

To begin with this dialect, the following video will be very usefull because we can ear a famous Derby expression that is "Ay up me duck" that is explained by Jack O'Connell, someone we'll speak about afterwards.

Examples :
Jock O'Connell :

As we saw in the first video, his carreer is most important ans he's actually beginning to be a well recognized actor in Hollywood. Anyway, he is still from Derby and even if his american pronounciation is progressing, it is still quite noticeable that he has one of the most special accents in the whole english language.

More seriously, he played in many movies and especially portrayed charaters in Starred up, Eden Lake, The Liabilty, 300 : Rise of an Empire, etc. His character in Skins is very deep and interesting and even if he will be discussed in the "chav sub-culture" article, Jack O'Connell sounds very nice because of his use of Derby's typical accent.

Lauren Socha :

She is an actress coming from Derby. She portrayed Kelly in Misfits and has a particularly pronounced accent. I have to admit that Derby accent is the one that I luv' do meust as I would write it, the name of this blog is partially dued to Lauren Socha's accent.

Lauren Socha played in Misfits three first seasons and her character is very interesting, thanks to this accent especially. We will present that character and actually this actress in more details with the "chav sub-culture" article [Coming soon].

Michael Socha :

He is Lauren's brother and played in many shows as The Aliens, Being Human, This is England, Dive, Misfits etc. He's obviously from Derby and it clearly sounds like. 

I definately think that the accent used in the interview is uninhibited because it sets for english TV, it is pleasant to analyse and identify the subtleties.

The second video is a little bonus from Dive where Michael Socha and Jack O'Connell are interacting. 

From 4:50 to 8:45.

Grimsby (Lincolnshire), an East Midlands local dialect.

Lincolnshire is historically an agricultural county, its dialect comes from the mixing of Fens, East Riding and East anglia accents which is obviously due to the fact that the majority of the land area of Lincolnshire is surrounded by sea. There is in addition of that a quite important part of East-Midlands influence .

If you already know about Grimsby dialect, it is maybe because of one of the Sacha Baron Cohen's contrevercies that begun when he portrayed "Nobby" in the movie Grimsby (2016) because his practice of local accent was very disclaimed.

Here are some interesting articles to get familiar with this dialect, one from the Grimsby Telegraph with 63 words and expressions, antoher one which is a two hours discussion with local people about this dialect from the British Library and a last one from the Grimsby town fanzine that is actually a dictionnary.

Example :
Thomas Turgoose :

He is an actor coming from Grimsby and portayed Shaun in This is England.

About this videocut, it is interesting to see two different accents in interraction, but it is even better to see it for us with two accents that are geographically close. The sound different but we can feel some connections, a kind of equivalence. 

In this video, there is also Rosamund Hanson whom accent is from Derby.

Nottingham (Nottinghamshire), an East Midlands local dialect.

Nottingham dialect's history is very close to Derby's one, for example, "Ayup me duck !" is also common in Nottinghamshire, so they sound similar because the are links between them but we can't say that it sounds exactly the same. 

Here are some usefull links as this local dictionnary, that article from de Nottingham post and obviously the BBC Voices radio conversation about the local accent.

Examples :
Perry Fitzpatrick :

He is an actor from Nottingham that played in This is England as Flip, the head of a moped gang, a very chav character. It is not the same thing in Dirty egg but it is still a comic short movie. His accent is very clear and sometimes it sounds like mancunian, sometimes like Derby or Grimsby dialects, but it stays unique by the way.

Perry Fitzpatrick is the main actor of this short movie featuring Thomas Turgoose (3:40),

Joseph Maxwell Dempsie :

He was born in Liverpool but grew up in Nottingham so his accent sounds more East Midlands than Scouse. Because of his apparitions in Game of Thrones "Joe" is very popular nowadays, in the past he portrayed different characters in This is England and Skins (first generation) and as a whole lot of actors we're talking about here, his accent was more typical and pronounced back in the days than it is now.

Perry Fitzpatrick and Joseph Dempsie are portraying two very special characters in This is England, they are called Flip and Iggy and we are discussing about them and others here, inside our special article about the "chav" sub-culture.

For the current article we have that recent scene in which they are older and not so much chav, more redneck but without the thug attitude, and the youthness, more funny and kind of adult unfortuntely. Enjoy it.

Begins at 0:25 (sorry if you saw the beginning...).

Vicky McClure :

She was born in Nottingham and grew up there, then she became an actress and her first important character was Lol in This is England. She also portrayed a character in the mini-series Five Daughters where she although interact with an actress called Sarah Lancashire who has such an interesting name but apparently lost her local accent rather early, but we are getting lost.

Anyway, Vicky McClure has a fairly strong accent and we can ear it in the following first video that is featuring Stephen Graham. The second video is featuring Toby Jones (without the West country accent) andit is a promotional interview for the TV movie Special Agents.

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